Heart-Shaped Mould
- great for minced meat, rice, mashed potatoes
- withstand heat up to 80
Size: approx. 10.5 x 16.5 x 4.5cm
Price: Price: SGD 7 each  Now: SGD 5 each (limited time discount)

3D Bunny Rice Mould Set
- great for rice, bread, mashed potato and vegetables
- consists of a bunny-shaped mould + heart-shaped mould
Size: approx. W8 x H11cm (bunny) , 5.5 x 5cm (heart)
Price: SGD 7 per set  Now: SGD 5.50 per set (limited time discount)

Rice Sandwich Maker
Make rice sandwiches in secondss
Simple & easy to use

Withstand heat up to 120
Product no: BT18
Size: approx. 10.9 x 20 x 2.2cm
Shapes: Square / Triangle
Material: Polypropylene
Price: SGD 11.50 each  Now: SGD 9 each 
Made in Japan 

Panda Rice Mould Set
- comes with a rice mould + seaweed punch
- rice mould can be also used to cut out bread, cookies, vegetables, ham, cheese
Product no: BT117
Price: SGD 18.50 per set  Now: SGD 16 per set